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Local Nature Photography Competition 2019

HCH Science Week

For this year’s Science Week, we asked students and staff to showcase local nature in their photographs. We received an astonishing 169 entries from 43 students and six teachers. Entrants ranged from Nursery to Year 11, and I was able to identify 63 different species present in the photographs!

On this page I have organised the images by school year, doubling up some years where relatively fewer entries were received.

After each year group, I’ve put some facts about some of the nature featured in that year’s photographs.

Winners and runners up will be displayed in a separate post after they have been announced.

A note about Latin names

Where possible I have tried to identify species prominently featured in each photo and give both their common and Latin names. Biological Latin names consist of a Genus name, which is capitalised, followed by a species name which is written in lower case. Sometimes it is not possible to identify the exact species within a genus, in these cases I have given the genus name followed by “sp.”

Please note that I am only a very amateur naturalist, so was not able to identify everything and may have made errors! Let me know if you find any!

Nursery and Reception:

An artistic selection from our youngest students, featuring lots of light through tree branches.

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Year 1

Year one’s entries feature some lovely record-photos of local species, including examples of the three most photographed species in the competition: Daffodils, red deer, and mute swans

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Year 2

Year two sent in a plant-focused mix of landscapes and close-ups showing off some atmospheric wintry weather and some lovely textures.

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Year 3

Year 3 sent in a wide array of detailed nature record shots and intriguing landscapes.

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Year 4

I received a small but delightful range of entries from year 4 showing some fantastical fairytale flora.

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Years 5 and 6

Nine year five students submitted images, more than any other year group! Well done!

Only one year six student submitted images, so I’ve amalgamated them with the year fives here

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Year 7

Year seven submitted the most photographs in total, with thirty-one. They particularly displayed a talent for framing their images in interesting and striking ways.

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Year 8

Year eight excelled with the second most entries from the second largest number of entrants. The quality of the entries was impressive, even within a very impressive field. Year eight also submitted the most close-up photographs and the most photographs prominently featuring insects.

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Upper Years

Year nine submitted no valid entries. However excellent entries were received from years ten and eleven. Year ten were the first year to submit photos, and for almost two weeks they were the only year, leaving me worrying that this would be a year ten only competition!

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Staff photos

I received thirteen staff photos in total. There appears to be a bit of competitiveness in the mathematics department because every time I got a new photo from Anja, Sam would send another entry!

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