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School open for all year groups from Thursday 3rd September - Please see Coronavirus Situation for updates.

HCH hosts UKMT Primary Team Challenge

Hampton Court House held its very first Primary Mathematics Competition, following the rules of the UKMT Primary Team Challenge.

Seven teams, made up of four Year 6 students each competed in five different engaging mathematical activities showing not only their mathematical knowledge, but also their teamwork and communication skills.

The cross number round was particularly challenging (thanks Jon!) and even Guy was trying to finish this challenge within the allocated 20 minutes (he was found with a calculator in the conservatory though!).

The logic round was puzzling for most teams; Hampton Hill Junior School though had it all worked out and they achieved full marks in that round. That was enough to secure them victory in the end, with our own team coming second.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and this competition will become an annual fixture in our school calendar.

A big thank you to everyone who helped: Mark for the set up, the maths department for putting the tasks together and proofreading, Oliver for making the certificates real pieces of art through his calligraphy and the kitchen team for all the extra food and beverages.