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HCH alumnus to address the United Nations in New York

One of our alumni, Hector Kennedy-Dyson, gave an assembly today to the Middle and Upper Years. He explained how he and two of his friends participated in a competition called the Ubuntu People Campaign. They will be going to New York to address the United Nations at the Merit360 event.

Hector will also be fundraising on Thursday and Friday in School for World Merit. Please see his message below and the associated links.

Message from Hector

You can see our video entry that explains our views on how businesses should use their influence to do more for society here.

Our video was one of the top six entries (ultimately we were placed second by a very narrow margin), winning us a place on the Merit360 programme in New York this summer where we will form part of the creative and media team to work alongside the UN trying to tackle the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals:

In order to be able to go this summer I personally need to raise £750 for the World Merit charity so I have set up a total giving page to help achieve this goal. If you are able to share this link to help the cause I would be extremely grateful:

World Merit were so impressed with our competition entry that they asked us to work with them to make a video for each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to increase the awareness of the goals and to educate people about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and their aims.

So far we have made 5 videos: