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GCSE results day 2019

The trend of ever improving results at HCH has continued with a higher proportion than ever before getting A grades or equivalent. Our GCSE pupils came back to school today to receive their results and we are thrilled that most of them will be staying at HCH to complete their A levels in September.

78% of the GCSE results were 7, 8 or 9 on the new scale (where 7 is an A) and 46% were 8 or 9 (A*). Nationally, only 20.6% of grades were 7 or better and only 11.4% were 8 or 9.

The majority of Year 11 achieved 8 or more 7-9/A*-A. With so many excellent results it is difficult to highlight just a few but particular mentions should go to:
Beth, for achieving ten 7-9 (A*-A) including five grade 9s;
Tanay, for achieving eight 9-8 (A*) grades;
Aglaia, for achieving nine 7-9 (A*-A) including six 9-8 (A*) grades;
Henry, for achieving ten 7-9 (A*-A) including four 9-8 (A*) grades.

Congratulations to all the students who took GCSE exams this year.