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School and Early Years open as normal - See Coronavirus Situation.

French Verb Challenge

Today we held for the first time at HCH a French verb challenge.
Year 5 to 11 spent time learning to conjugate the present tense of 32 irregular verbs.
Earlier in the week, there was a first round with a pre-selection. Each team was entitled to one native French speaker to help them with the task.
Year 5: Amelia, Katie, Charles and Tea
Year 6: Ashley, Miles, Imogen and Gully
Year 7: Alysa, Ksenia, Alice and Mohak
Year 8: Stephanie, Ava, Finn and Sabrina
Year 9: Chloé, George, Oscar and George
Year 10: Ayman, Giada, Kit and Meg (though in year 9 she agreed to help the year 10s)
Year 11: Poppy (replacing Ivan who couldn’t be there), Rahul, Mitchell and Anthelme.

The results are:
In second position there is a tie with year 7 and 9 who made one mistake each.
The winners are the year 8 with a ‘sans faute’

Bravo to all your students for their hard work.

To be continued next term with more verbs and the semi finals:
– First semi final will be the middle years
– Second semi final will be among the upper years

We will have the final before the summer holidays.

Que les meilleurs gagnent!