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School and Early Years open as normal - See Coronavirus Situation.

French Verb Challenge 2017

The Middle and Upper Years worked very hard to prepare for this year’s French Verb Challenge.

The Challenge consisted of three rounds.

During the first round, each set in each class had to learn a list of 20 verbs (belonging to the most used French verbs list). The three students with the best scores in each set were selected. Some students got very impressive marks – Maria (Year 5), Zoé (Year 7) and Avalon (Year 7) all scored 100%.

During the second round, the selected students competed with the other sets in their year. Once again, the best three students per year were selected. Each team consisted of one native French speaker and two non-native French speakers.

The third round took place during school assembly (Middle and Upper Years). It consisted of three rounds: a conjugation round; a translation round; then the three teams which scored the highest results in the first two rounds faced the spelling challenge.

The last three teams standing were the Year 8, Year 10 and Year 11. The Year 10 team came first at the end of the first two rounds with a score of 100%. During the spelling round, Sorrel put her gymnastic skills to good use and showed she could be the fastest putting her hand up to answer! The results were very tight, but in the end the Year 11 team was victorious. Stephanie, Anaïs and Ava won tickets to watch a French film at Ciné Lumière, London.