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Finding ‘Granny’s’ books on the shelves in your new school!

On your very first day in your new school you may expect one or two surprises, but for one of our young students the discovery was that a series of novels, written by their own grandmother, were sat proudly on the shelves of our CNED classroom!
Evelyne Brisou-Pellen has been an author since the early 80’s. She started writing as she felt something was missing from the stories she was reading to her own children, and wanted stories to also be a way to discover a period in history and learn while reading. Evelyne’s novels are typically set in a documented historical context (she is passionate about history and her house is covered in books! She typically reads as much as she writes) and are targeted at pre-teens/teens, although some novels and books are accessible from a younger age, and many adults also read them. Writing her first major book in the mid 80’s and winning a major literary prize gave her the confidence to make this her career.
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