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Easter Quiz 2017

The quiz is optional, though we would hope that the majority of pupils in Years 5 and above will attempt it. There was a very substantial take up last year, including a large number of younger pupils as well.


Download the Easter Quiz 2017

Ideally the quiz will become a family affair and an opportunity for discussion; most questions are pitched at the level of a bright 11 or 12-year old. In cases where answers are not known, the quiz would make a useful internet or encyclopaedic exercise.

Pupils are encouraged to bring their answers to school on the first day of term and perhaps to swap answers with friends if necessary.

In the week beginning 24 April, all pupils in years 5 and above will be given blank quiz sheets and will be invited to recall the correct answers to as many questions as possible. Pupils from lower classes are very welcome to take part if they wish.

As in previous years, prizes will be awarded to those who do particularly well in the various age groups (eg. best 9-year-old, best 10-year-old, best 11-year old etc).

Last year, five students scored 100/100 and 12 scored 97 or over. This year’s quiz has been made therefore slightly more difficult!