We are pleased to announce that we will continue to take the Year 7-11 students off-site for their sports lessons this term. We are delighted to be able to enhance our sports provision by taking the students to other venues such as the Elmbridge Xcel Leisure Complex.

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HCH Students teamInstead of requiring HCH pupils to strive on a traditional, relatively narrow games diet – for example, rugby for the Autumn Term, hockey for the Spring Term and cricket for the Summer Term – we would prefer them to gain basic proficiency in a much wider range of supervised activities. These naturally include core national sports like soccer, rugby, hockey and cricket, but we are developing a programme which will enhance this range by including activities as diverse as cycling, archery, judo, kayaking, skulling and rowing, golf, swimming, athletics and X-country, lawn bowls, badminton, tennis, basketball and softball.

In many schools, sport is organised on a large scale along relatively limited avenues. The advantage of this approach is the team ethos which develops from having a fixture list and a selection regime for different age groups. At HCH, while we want to be able to offer team experiences, we are particularly keen to ensure that pupils with obvious talent have the opportunity to play in appropriate team contexts. However, the right context for talented youngsters is often a particular sports club where expert coaching is available on a regular basis. With such clubs we are currently consulting and developing relationships.

With national standard competitors in ice skating and gymnastics among our pupils (who clearly benefit from the freedom and flexibility of our approach to sport), we are keen to create a sport and activities programme which helps to identify and foster the aptitude for excellence in some sports, but which is geared to offering variety of experience (rather than quantity or intensity) to most students.

At present, a wide range of sporting options is already available and Hampton Court House participates in rugby, football, judo, cricket and tennis matches with other local schools. Children receive coaching in netball, basketball, football, hockey, cricket, tennis, softball, badminton, table tennis and swimming. In addition to our own grounds, we use facilities in Bushy Park. Swimming currently takes place in Imber Court Sports Club.

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Year 7 and 8 Athletics Competition

On Thursday 18 May, a selection of pupils from Years 7 and 8 took part in an athletics event at Kingsmeadow athletics track against several other schools. All pupils participated in track and field events including; 100m, high jump, javelin, long jump, and shotput. The squad are to be commended for their performances.

Upper Years Athletics Meet

Years 10 and 11 attended an athletics meet at Kingsmeadow organised by Canbury School and enjoyed competing in a number of track and field events.

Rollo performed strongly in the javelin, high jump and long jump; Romane did very well in the javelin and Maya jumped 3m55 in the long jump. Dhelia ran the fastest time in the girls’ 100m, while Daniel was the second fastest boy at the event.

All the team performed well and had a great time at the event.

Year 7 and 8 Netball Win v Thames Christian College

On Thursday 9 March, Years 7 and 8 played a netball match against Thames Christian College. The girls played for a total of 40 minutes, which was strenuous as it was such a warm day.
The HCH girls were eager for a win as always, to keep up the Middle and Upper years netball winning streak! TCC started... with a dominating performance in the first half of the match having possession of the ball the majority of the time. HCH managed to keep on top of them, leading by a one goal difference.

At half time, we made a few changes to positions and got straight back on court. HCH were ready to keep the lead, which of course they did with Amelia and Sorrel consistently shooting from the edge of the circle which kept TCC in contention. HCH started to pull further ahead as the match went on. Every pass was fiercely contested and TCC’s errors were pounced on by our defensive players, Zoe, Poppy, Lucy and Ruby.

By the last quarter, TCC started to slow down and therefore HCC managed to take control of the game and keep possession of the ball, with excellent passing and team work in the centre court from Katie, Maria and Emily which allowed the ball to travel into our shooters Krystyna and Sorrel finalising the match 10–6 to HCH.

Very well played!

Team: Sorrel (Captain), Krystyna, Amelia, Zoe, Poppy, Emily, Katie, Lucy, Ruby and Maria.

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Stunning Victory for Years 5 and 6 Football Team

On Tuesday the Years 5 and 6 football team played Westbury House.

After a comprehensive warm-up, the boys got stuck into the match early, but couldn’t break down the stubborn defence. After hitting the post twice, HCH broke the deadlock and quickly doubled their lead through a clever back heel from... Christopher. HCH went into half-time with a comfortable 3-0 lead.

HCH started the second half as they ended the first with dominance of possession, but unable to break down the defence. However, mid-way through the second half the floodgates opened and HCH scored 5 well-worked team goals.

Final score 8-0.

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Netball Victory for Years 5 and 6

On Tuesday, the Year 5 and 6 girls played in a netball match against Westbury House School at Kings College Sports Ground in New Malden. Westbury House won the toss and started with the first centre pass. They were quick off the mark and used the first centre to their advantage scoring the first goal... of the match immediately. HCH seemed to be very nervous due to their opponents being very tall. However, we didn’t let their height get in the way. We had to fight for every ball we could, which was very challenging as Westbury House were using very high passes. Jeanne persevered with marking her player, but also intercepting the ball in the opposition’s circle, which meant the ball could be passed down the court to Alexandra and Savannah who created strong passing chains finalising the first quarter 2–1 to HCH.

At quarter time, the girls spoke about tactics which they could implement to outwit their opponents. They came up with using bounce passes instead of higher passes, which their tall opponents definitely found challenging. It seemed to work very well, with Harriet and Kana working well as a pair using the sides of the court which effectively kept the game moving and stopped some overcrowding.

At half-time the score was 4–3 to HCH. Being ahead of the game was motivating for HCH. However, the score could change at any point. We made a couple of tactical changes to positions and got straight back on court. It was extremely noticeable during this quarter that the girls started to feel tired. Unfortunately, Westbury House managed to catch up ending the third quarter 4-4.

The girls had one last quarter to try and pull back ahead, and of course they did! With excellent shooting from Ana and Kana, the girls managed to win the match with 6 goals to 5.

A fantastic game from both teams! Well done to HCH!

Team: Harriet (Captain), Alexandra, Stacy, Kana, Ana, Jeanne and Savannah.

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Upper Years Mixed Netball Match

Yesterday afternoon, students from Years 9 to 11 played in their first mixed netball match against Canbury School. After a short warm up, both teams quickly got stuck into the game!

HCH immediately took the lead scoring the first goal. With a few minor errors and a slight lack of confidence from some... players, Canbury managed to get the ball into the attacking circle and scored their first goal. It was evident to see HCH wanted to win as the team fought for every ball ending the first quarter with a 2 – 1 lead.

During the second quarter, HCH stepped up their game dramatically, making it extremely hard for Canbury’s defensive players. With excellent team work and communication, Charlotte and Leon managed between them to pull the score up to 8 – 1 to HCH by half time! Excellent shooting!

During the third quarter, HCH showed off their versatility by swapping to positions they had never played before! Again, HCH managed to outwit Canbury in the centre court by allowing the ball to travel to the attacking D where Sami managed to score his first goal. The final score after this quarter was 10 – 1 to HCH.

Going into the last quarter with such a strong lead, the HCH team were very confident with their passing especially the captain Christabel as well as Alice, Edward, Henry, Jayden, Dimitra and Beth. The final score was 11 – 1 to HCH.

Well done to all players, you are to be commended for your hard work!

Team – Christabel (captain), Sami, Alice, Henry, Leon, Edward, Beth, Dimitra, Charlotte and Jayden.

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Middle Years Gymnastics Squad

On Monday, 10 girls from the Middle Years travelled to Dunottar School in Reigate to perform a gymnastics routine which they had been working on since the beginning of the year.

The HCH gymnastics squad opened the district competition with their group display to an instrumental version of ‘Feeling... Good’ by Muse.

The routine involved a number of complex individual skills, choreography and Sports Acro group balances. The whole squad are to be commended for their hard work and commitment to training as well as their excellent performance.

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