Fixtures at Hampton Court House

Our sports team selection policy throughout the school is to encourage students to enjoy all aspects of sport, whether it is competitive, creative or individual. This encourages young people to actively engage and participate in physical activity and sport throughout their lives, which have many health and social benefits.

Year 3 and 4 pupils who commit regularly to co-curricular sports clubs, which are played (netball, football, cricket and athletics) against other schools, will be prioritised for team selection.

If your child is not chosen, please encourage them to come and practice, enjoy what they do, come along to a club, play and never give up. If your child is regularly chosen, help them to understand it is a privilege to represent the school. It is of paramount importance that the pupils understand how to win and lose gracefully.

All pupils will be given the opportunity to take part in fixtures over the year, giving them the exposure and experience to play in a game situation seasonally.

Middle and Upper Years teams are selected on merit which will be based on ability, commitment, sportsmanship and conduct.