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At HCH, we are able to offer team-sport experiences in our focus sports of netball, basketball and sculling and we are keen to ensure that pupils with a particular enthusiasm for sports that we don’t provide have the opportunity to play at sports clubs where specialist coaching is available.

Our sport programme is primarily concerned with providing variety, to facilitate the sampling from which children are best able to discover their sport – or sports – for life.

A growing range of sporting options is already available and Hampton Court House via the curriculum and clubs. We have adopted seven focus sports: athletics (including cross-country running), basketball, golf, netball, Olympic weightlifting, sculling and table tennis. These will form the core of our curriculum and are the sports in which we will develop school teams and individual competitors.

In addition, lessons and clubs provide opportunities for learning and recreational play in tag-rugby, football, judo, gymnastics, boxing, softball, rounders, badminton, racquetball, skipping and juggling.

Sport and physical education at HCH continues with all provision on site and all sport lessons being single periods for the remainder of the school year 2020-2021. Conventional team games involving physical contact have not been possible, nor has travelling off-site for the upper years – to Molesey Boat Club for sculling and Olympic weightlifting and to the Xcel Centre for racket sports – and to Imber Court for Early and Lower Years’ swimming. All these activities will be reintroduced in school year 2021-2022.
Roy HeadeyDMS
  • Director of Sports

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Early and lower years sports day 2021

Early and lower years had an amazing sports day on Tuesday. All students participated with a smile on their face and the enthusiasm to do their best. We witnessed some amazing jumps and throws as well as photo finish races. It was a fun and exciting day for all. Lots of laugher and team cheering created... a great atmosphere which encouraged the competitors. All students received a participation certificate which they all should be proud of. Some years groups competed for their houses as well as the chance to win individual medals. At the end of sports day, Year 2, 3 and 4 performed their gymnastic routines, displaying all the skills they have learned throughout the year.

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New Multi-Use Games Area pitch installed at HCH

Our Director of Sport, Roy Headey talks through the newest addition to our onsite sport facilities:

Hampton Court House’ new sports court was fitted in the Spring term and has been a big hit with the students, who can be found playing on it during break, lunchtime and after school – as well as the...

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Yoga in Year 1

Year 1 learned some basic yoga poses and breathing exercises in their movement/dance lesson today. The poses and movements Steph taught them are very beneficial for developing strength and flexibiity as well as giving the children some time to pause and focus on their breathing and thoughts in their... otherwise busy day! As we have a slightly adapted timetable at the moment, our lower years pupils are having sport and movement lessons every day.

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Years 7-12 Activities day trip to ‘Behind the Scenes’ at Twickenham Stadium

13 Students spent the day at Twickenham Stadium, where the activities started with games aimed at developing understanding of the different fitness requirements of the various positions: Speed – Endurance – Power – Agility and Strength. One game involved selecting animals and super heroes in what... might be their best positions, from which a formidable team comprising Spiderman at full-back; a bull, rhinoceros and grizzly bear in the front row; cheetahs on the wings and The Hulk at No. 8 emerged. Catching and passing would have been the main limiting factor, but they would have posed an intimidating physical challenge for their opponents.

A session with the Rugby Football Union’s Anti-Doping Manager was a role-play, with the students being treated as if they were academy players on an elite sport pathway. They learned what they should expect if they were subject to testing under the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code. Their consensus was that it seemed intrusive, but necessary, in order to combat the scourge of drugs in sport and to ensure fair play. The session took place in the media room at the stadium, so the students had a light-hearted opportunity to role play being the head coach, answering questions about selection and tactics for an imaginary up-coming test match.

With the England team away in Japan for the Rugby World Cup, the students had a one-off opportunity to view the gym where England players train, rehabilitate after injury and warm-up before test matches. They took in a range of equipment, from hi-tech tools for measuring and facilitating recovery, through to Olympic weightlifting platforms and weight stacks.

The tour of the World Rugby museum at the end of the trip was the highlight for many of the students. They enjoyed the inter-active displays that gave them feedback on their prowess in the physical attributes needed to play rugby.

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Rugby skills in Years 1 and 2 to mark the launch of the Rugby World Cup 2019

Years 1 and 2 took to the pitch this morning to learn new rugby skills ahead of the start of the Rugby World Cup. It was the perfect introduction to the sport for some of our younger pupils and an opportunity to put the world cup into context. The pupils played ‘steal the egg from the nest’ to hone... their skills in ball control, they ran a slalom with the ball and scored a ‘try’ at the end to start to build their sense of how the game is played. The groups will continue to expand their knowledge of the sport as they work together over the next six weeks.

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Sixth form Boxing Club launches for the Autumn term

Pupils in Years 12 and 13 are being coached in non-contact boxing as part of the Autumn term clubs programme at Hampton Court House. Director of Sport, Roy Headey, is working with the small group of sixth formers to build their technique as well as giving them all important instruction in hand-wrapping... and conduct to ensure all the students are safe. Each sixth form boxer is given their own wraps and gloves as part of the programme and they follow a specially crafted programme which will guide them through basic technique before moving on to more complex combinations. The later start time in Years 12 and 13 means the pupils can take part in lunchtime clubs and activities. The newly formed boxing club is not only giving the sixth form new skills and techniques but provides an aerobic and anaerobic workout for the whole body.

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Upper years girls coached by World Champion Katey Byrd

The girls in Years 9 to 11 enjoyed their first rowing lesson of the year. The high ratio of coaches to pupils means the girls receive intensive coaching during the two-hour period they spend at Molesey Boat Club, with a mix of rowing on the river, technical training in the indoor tank and functional... strength work in the gym.

The expert coaches include Katey Byrd, who has been selected to represent Ireland in the Olympic Weightlifting World Championships in Thailand at the end of this month. Katey will be competing in the 71kg weight category and is Ireland’s only competitor at the World Championships. As an accomplished athlete and strength and conditioning coach, Katey is a wonderful mentor for the upper years girls.

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