In a school which promotes the fluent use of French so successfully, it is important to offer good linguists a fresh challenge. It is also important to offer a fresh start in a new language to those among our intake who are not as confident in French.

Some Spanish is taught relatively early in the junior section of the school, largely as part of our ‘Discover the World’ programme and not really on a formal basis.

Spanish is taught to all children from Year 7 by native speaker José Maria Alvarez Campos. The language is studied in relation to everyday activities, personal and social life, the world around us, the world of work and the international world. Students develop the skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, building a broader vocabulary and gaining an understanding of grammar rules and usage. There are also trips to Spain designed to complement the students’ class work.

Spanish has become a popular GCSE subject and is now offered at A level at the school.

Jose M Alvarez-Campos MA


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