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As part of Hampton Court House’s cross-curricular Spanish Civil War week, the animation club made a short film to evoke the carpet bombing of the Basque town of Guernica by […]

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True Love – photogallery from the set

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Photos from the set of True Love – A Short Film by former student Ethan and his colleagues, published back in May 2012.

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The Opening Sequence of D.N.A

‘The Opening Sequence of D.N.A.’ showcases some of the spectacular performances from a drama class, taken by Kathryn Sumner. D.N.A. is a play by Dennis Kelly that explores the confused […]

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Thieving Alice

‘Thieving Alice’ is a magical short film about a day dreaming schoolgirl. It considers the ideas that wrong-doing, in this case stealing, has a profound effect on the imagination. This […]

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