Learning Support

Welcome to the Learning Support Department

All of our students are individuals with different learning preferences. Some pupils may find it more difficult to access the information being taught to them. This is for a variety of reasons and some need additional support from our Learning Support tutors. At Hampton Court House pupils from all year groups are supported in small groups or on a one-to-one basis by one of the department’s experienced and qualified teachers.

Some pupils arrive at HCH with diagnosed difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, or dyscalculia, others are identified through our screening processes and subsequently assessed by a Specialist SpLD Teacher or Education Psychologist. We aim to identify children as early as possible to ensure that the most appropriate support is put in place in order for them to develop appropriate learning strategies that will allow them to achieve their true potential.

The Learning Support Department works closely with teachers across the curriculum: advising them on appropriate classroom strategies, providing pupil targets, and relaying updated and new information regarding pupil assessments.

The assessment of pupils is carried both in-house by specialist teachers or via a network of other professionals including educational psychologists, occupational therapists and speech therapists. This information is used to produce an individual Pupil Profile (PP). This sets out the main areas of need, any targets set and a brief description of the course of action or programme that will be followed by the LS team. The documentation is shared with the pupil and their parents and then distributed to appropriate staff members.

The department uses a wide variety of resources such as structured phonics programmes, reading or spelling schemes, software programmes and games. Every pupil’s progress is monitored closely and the programmes are continually modified to ensure we are meeting the pupil’s needs.

Building self-esteem

The team’s main aim is to enable pupils to learn effectively, build their self-confidence and put them on the road to independent learning. This is achieved by working with teachers, pupils and parents right across the school.

Mutual respect and understanding

By developing a good rapport with the pupils and teachers the department is able to consistently achieve very positive outcomes for its students. The LS staff are regularly in touch with the latest research, training, techniques and resources. The department’s focus is to maximise opportunities, to empower pupils to help themselves and allow the pupils to succeed.