Computer Science

OCR’s pioneering syllabus ensures we are at the forefront of the introduction of modern computing into the school curriculum. Coding skills are taught from Y5 and programming languages from Y7. Our students become familiar with robotics and basic AI algorithms as well acquiring the basic ICT skills we all need. We make use of Google Classroom and Cloud based document-sharing for homework and collaborative work. We offer qualifications at GCSE, AS and A level.

The computer suites are generally open during break and after school, in addition to timetabled lessons. The Computer Science department actively supports the photography, music composition and film-making courses within the school.

Computing in Schools: Network of Excellence

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Festival of Code

In case you missed it, there was prominent coverage last month in The Times of Hampton Court House’s participation in the annual Festival of Code, which celebrates the computer programming skills of children aged 5 to 18. Gerard in Year 8 wrote a program to compare the correlation between government... data on land values, educational grades and internet download speeds. Gerard clearly made an impression on the Times reporter and was quoted at some length. And Bert (also Year 8) attended a week’s robotics course at Imperial College. Congratulations to them and indeed to everyone else who took part in extra-curricular activities over the summer.

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Young Game Designers Workshop at EuroGamer Expo 2012

On Friday the 28th of September we went to the EuroGamer Expo in Earls Court, when we got there we went to the BAFTA young game designers workshop. There we got to meet a group of game designers, they each gave us talks about the different aspects of creating a game. we were also put into groups of three... and were tasked to design our own game, we had five minutes after each talk to improve on different aspects of the design. After the workshop we had three hours to wander around the Expo and to play the different games that were on offer. If we were to describe the day in one word it would be “Brilliant”.

Sam and Cameron, Year 10.

Photo credits: BAFTA Jamie Simonds

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HCH At the forefront of Computer Science in Education

Hampton Court House is looking to get a head start on other schools by investing in a set of Raspberry Pi computers.

Developed in the UK, the Raspberry Pi has been designed as a modern day replacement for the BBC Micro which was used by so many in the 1980s to learn how computers work and how to develop... applications for them. When the BBC Micro died out, and the PC that we all know today came in, schools moved towards a more software orientated curriculum where students learnt how to be computer users rather than creators. With the recent news that the government plans to bring Computer Science back into schools (something that HCH has already started this year) the Raspberry Pi could not have come at a better time.

The hope is that students will love working with them and will consider buying their own allowing them to customise them and adapt them to work in a number of different ways.

HCH also has plans to bring other new technology into the school in 2012, including the Microsoft Kinect controller which would allow students from year 6 and above to develop applications that are ‘controller-less’ and respond instead to human gesture, and Lego MindStorm which allows students to build robots to carry out tasks like security scanning and cleaning the floor!

It is a really exciting time to be involved in the ICT and Computing department at the moment and HCH is leading the way in the UK when it comes to introducing new and exciting technology for students to learn and master.

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