HCH Ballet Programme: Curriculum and Clubs

At HCH, students from Nursery to Year 4 take a class following the RAD syllabus. Pupils also have a non-syllabus class where they work towards shows and have the opportunity to share work. These classes focus on creativity and performance as well as developing technique. In Nursery, students start with a programme called Dance to Your Own Tune before moving onto Pre-Primary and Primary programmes. After this, pupils will move to the graded system.
HCH also run ballet clubs for students in Year 5 and above. Ballet Club for Years 5 – 7 is on Wednesdays from 4.15 pm to 5.15 pm and for Year 8 and above on Thursdays from 4.15 pm to 5.15 pm. In these clubs we follow a mixture of the RAD syllabus and non-syllabus work where we aim to learn through creativity and enjoyment. Ballet Club students also get the opportunity to perform in the school’s dance shows.


About the Royal Academy of Dance

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is a worldwide dance organisation which sets the standard for exams in classical ballet, teacher training and CPD. RAD was founded in the UK in the 1920s and is now present in 83 countries. The organisation offers a wide range of examinations and assessments with an aim to motivate and reward students of all ages and ability. The RAD’s focus is on creativity and musicality and there are training programmes for students from the age of two. For older students the RAD also offers a vocational syllabus which develops technique, music and performance to an advanced level, thus preparing the students for a dance or dance related career.

RAD Exams

The RAD offers three main assessments: Presentation Class/Class Award; Solo Performance Award and Exams. Having different assessment options ensures that children can progress in the method that works best for them. As well as giving the child a huge sense of achievement the RAD examinations are also recognised by Ofqual and contribute to UCAS points.

Presentation Class/Class Award

Students go into this assessment in small groups. Their teacher may also enter with them to act as a prompt if needed while they perform their syllabus work.

Solo Performance Award

This level of assessment is fantastic for the child that loves to perform. The student enters the assessment by themselves and gets to perform three dances to the examiner, mainly being marked on their musicality and performance.


In this assessment, the students enter in groups of four (or smaller) without the aid of a teacher. They then perform all of their syllabus work for the examiner.
Each assessment is marked and the student will receive a certificate and a medal to mark their achievement.