Prepared for life in modern Britain

The fundamental values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect, and tolerance are actively promoted across the curriculum. In some subjects these links are very obvious such as clear moral or cultural themes in literature, in English, modern languages or even in Latin.

These themes are also strong in less obvious places, for example the birth of democracy was also the birth of mathematics. The ancient Greek fascination with mathematics was inseparable from their system of direct democracy and their study of rhetoric: the art of convincing other people.

This emphasis on presenting an argument and considering the views of others is a strong theme across the school in both the sciences and humanities. The cultural studies and perspectives courses in the Middle and Upper Years explicitly bring in diverse views on religion and an ethics and challenge students to engage in active debate.

The students in Years 5 and above also experience democracy in action through the student council. Elected councillors experience the challenge of weighing different views and hearing differing opinions whilst making recommendations to the school’s senior leadership on a range of policy matters.

It is widely accepted that, in order to flourish in the future, these are key skills that student need to develop. Our curriculum is designed to promote these skills at every academic stage.

Careers guidance is also integrated into the curriculum with younger students exploring the types of jobs people do and what it means to have a career. Older students have the services of a dedicated careers adviser.

Deborah Streatfield is a careers consultant, who has provided personalised support and advice to students for more than 25 years. She is also founder of MyBigCareer, a charity that combats the lack of independent careers advice for young people – a key factor in boosting social mobility.

Deborah provides guidance across GCSE and A level choices, university admission applications, and vocational courses leading to trade and professional occupations. Deborah is also highly experienced in providing practical advice on university applications, seeking work placements, interview preparation and writing personal statements. Our whole programme is geared towards the Gatsby Career Benchmarks.