Hampton Court house has an extensive and diverse co-curricular programme which runs throughout the school from Early Years to Sixth Form. We have a wide base of clubs and societies which evolve to meet the needs of our students. If a student has a particular interest that they would like to pursue, foster or propagate then we will do what we can to help them. We encourage students to take part in at least one club a term with most choosing to do more.

Clubs Brochure Autumn 2019

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Summer Fête 2018

Join us at Hampton Court House and its gardens for our yearly event ‘Summer Fête’. This Sunday’s early afternoon – 10th June 2018.

  • Giant outdoor chess
  • Giant outdoor snakes/ladders games
  • Dog show
  • Ice cream van
  • Magician
  • Fortune teller
  • Flea market
  • Raffle
  • Face painting
  • Fire engine
  • Battle of the... Bands & live music
  • Wellness area
  • And much more… Lots of fun to be had by all!
    Take a tour of the Shell Grotto or bring along your pooch for the Dog Show.

    To enter the Dog Show, please register by 1 pm on the day.

    Address & directions

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    Prototype club updates

    Week two of prototype club and we have already made good progress towards our cardboard inventions.

    Precision cutting the component parts using stencils we have designed ourselves, prototype building involves manipulating cardboard accurately by scoring, bending, curve cutting, and reinforcing to create... sturdy models.

    Next we will design the low voltage circuits to control the motors of the robots and make our own reversible switches using card and copper tape. These will connect LEDs to the circuits to add a decorative element to our inventions.

    What a wonderful group of students, so full of ideas and enthusiasm to learn. Roll on week 3!

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    Y9 research visit to The London Aquarium

    Our Y9 students are working with the charity Bite Back, founded by local hero Graham Buckingham, to produce a film to promote the growing need for shark conservation. Estimates indicate that 73 million sharks are killed every year, many just for their fins.

    We had a very productive day at the London... Aquarium, interviewing the public about their perception of sharks, collecting footage and making our own primary source drawings. The highlight of the day was meeting a shark expert, Andre, who shared his love of these awesome apex predators, followed by the amazing sight of the tiger sharks being fed.

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    Year 9 Survival Weekend

    We arrived at Broadstone Warren Campsite and then walked for about twenty minutes with our packs to our area of the site. When we arrived we had to build our own shelter. We divided into two groups and started to build a shelter using sticks and logs from the forest floor after some instructions on how... to do it. Once we finished laying out the sticks and logs we started putting leaves on the roof and then the floor. Four hours later our shelter was completed. After that, we cooked chicken, chorizo and vegetable stew over the main fire and then ate dinner. Once we had eaten dinner we started making our own fire with the help of the instructors since our shelter was partially open to the elements and then settled down for the night. Overnight it snowed!

    Before going to sleep we took part in a ‘search and rescue’ session where we learned how to search for objects and people and what to do when we find an injured person. We woke up to a beautiful sky and white ground. In the morning we first started packing our bags and then we started cooking breakfast, some also had to harvest wood from trees to use for the fire.

    After eating breakfast we demolished our shelter and made it look like we were never there. Later on we learnt about fire-craft where we were taught the different ways of making fire. We started setting cotton on fire using fire-steel. Then after a lunch of tomato soup and bread we learnt how to use a knife in knifecraft, we made tent pegs using only a piece of wood and learnt different techniques of cutting wood. That was the end of our trip and we had to say goodbye to the forest and walk back to the bus. It was a great weekend with cool instructor and all-in-all an amazing experience.

    Post written by Charles in Year 9.

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