Hampton Court house has an extensive and diverse co-curricular programme which runs throughout the school from Early Years to Sixth Form. We have a wide base of clubs and societies which evolve to meet the needs of our students. If a student has a particular interest that they would like to pursue, foster or propagate then we will do what we can to help them. We encourage students to take part in at least one club a term with most choosing to do more.

Clubs Brochure Spring 2020 HCH

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Survival Skills Weekend with Polaris Outdoor

In preparation for the Arctic Expedition in February, 15 HCH students went on a Survival Skills trip with Polaris Outdoor. They learned how to build shelters using only the resources they could find in the woods around them, how to light a fire, how to safely use a knife to carve tools, bake their own... bannock bread over the fire, and how to forage for resources and food. They also built resilience in the wet and cold weather and dealt with a few setbacks!

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Activities Day 2021, in photos

Another successful Activities Day comes to an end! Each year group from Daycare to Year 13 took part in an off-site activity today. Daycare donned their wet weather gear to go and feed the ducks in Bushy Park. The Early years and Year 1 took a coach to Bocketts Farm where they learned about different...

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Year 7 enjoy team building activities in the school grounds

Year 7 have had their prize having won the ‘best decorated form room’ competition back at the end of the Autumn term. The last lockdown had postponed the celebration but today they were treated to an afternoon of team building activities and workshops. The group have completed desert island survival... challenges including shelter building with tarpaulin and crafting their own tribal crowns. The group really enjoyed drawing portraits of each other and then making their own frames out of natural resources to create a gift for their drawing partners. What a lovely way to spend a Friday afternoon, well done Year 7!

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Middle Years Enrichment Afternoon 

On Wednesday afternoon, the Middle Years students took part in activities and challenges that were different from their usual everyday lessons. The afternoon comprised a social challenge, a creative challenge and a physical one. We were delighted by how well the students engaged in these activities.... They baked, exercised, played music, and best of all they reached out to someone in their community whom they identified as being lonely during lockdown or who deserved a thank you.

Sophia, in Year 5, baked cookies for her elderly neighbour and brought them to her. She also wrote “Be Happy Like a Puppy” using calligraphy for her creative challenge.

Khalil, in Year 7, made a beautiful card and wrote a letter to his neighbour who lives opposite him, and who is on her own.

Alexander, in Year 7, also made a card and brought some flowers to his neighbour who lives alone.

Ulani, in Year 7, made a card and cookies for the concierge who has always been helpful and kind to her family.

Thank you to all the Middle Years students for their hard work, and their parents and form tutors who made this possible: giving the students a chance to have a productive break in their busy Zoom routine and time away from their screens.

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HCH Wellbeing Day 2020

As we draw this half term to a close we have hopefully given our students some lovely experiences and happy memories today to take with them into the two-week break. The students have spent some of the day off-timetable to enjoy a range of ‘feel-good’ physical and outdoor activities as part of HCH...

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Year 9 student releases debut single with band ‘Elastic Parade’

Snow in Year 9 is a lead vocalist in the band, Elastic Parade, supported by a local not-for-profit bands project called PowerJam. Elastic Parade have recently released their debut single ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ and plan to release two further singles this summer!
All the bands involved in PowerJam... have worked tirelessly on rehearsals and polishing their performances even with the added challenges of a lockdown and school lessons on Zoom.

We are very proud of Snow’s hard work and creativity. You can listen to ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ here

Two further releases over the summer by Elastic Parade can also be found here
or by following:

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