Hampton Court house has an extensive and diverse co-curricular programme which runs throughout the school from Early Years to Sixth Form. We have a wide base of clubs and societies which evolve to meet the needs of our students. If a student has a particular interest that they would like to pursue, foster or propagate then we will do what we can to help them. We encourage students to take part in at least one club a term with most choosing to do more.

Clubs Spring 2018

Y12 take part in UKMT Senior Maths Team Challenge

Congratulations to the Year 12 Further Maths students for taking part in the Regional Heat of the UKMT Senior Maths Team Challenge. They thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and although they did not come away with the trophy, they acquired new problem solving skills and a hunger to come back next year and improve their placing.

A level English Trip to ‘The Woman in Black’

On Tuesday 21 November, the A level English students spent the evening in the company of the Woman in Black. The play started playing at the Fortune Theatre in 1989 and has continued to terrify and enthral audiences since. Our students were no exception – many watched through barely open fingers and... it is a shame nobody filmed the moment Brynley jumped out of his skin after a particularly gruesome set piece.

The students are all exploring the Gothic genre, with modern examples all to hard to come by. However, Susan Hill’s 1983 novella, expertly adapted using a variety of meta-theatrical tricks by Stephen Mallatratt, conveys the essence of the genre brilliantly. It was evident that they will have lots to think about, especially as they will now have plenty of sleepless nights to fill…

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Y7 visit Hampton Court Palace

On Monday, Year 7 spent the day at Hampton Court Palace. The children had the opportunity to travel back to Tudor times and discover the apartments of the famous King Henry VIII.

They took part in two workshops: Henry to Mary: a religious roller coaster and Tudor kitchens revealed.

The children enjoyed exploring the beautiful palace gardens at lunchtime and all agreed that it was a fantastic and very interesting day.

Rubik’s Cube Challege

The HCH Rubik’s Cube Challenge took place on 22 November with seven participants from the Lower and Middle Years.

Charles Dubois-Veltman, last year’s winner, successfully defended his title solving the Cube in an impressive 37.47 seconds. Second place went to Ryan Tian (50.63 seconds) and third place... to Freddie Seal (54.89 seconds).

It was particularly exciting to witness the enthusiasm of Arron Chauhan and Claudia Midon-Seco from Year 4. Arron finished the cube in 1 minute and 34 seconds and Claudia took 2 minutes and 28 seconds.

Congratulations to all the participants for taking part.

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Lower Years Halloween Party

What a great Halloween party the Lower Years children had on the last day of half-term! Witches, wizards, skeletons and vampires had lessons as usual in the morning and celebrated Halloween in the afternoon.

The school theatre was transformed into a spooky dancefloor and the children enjoyed dancing... for one hour before school broke up for the holidays.

Thank you so much to the Friends for organising such a fantastic party, to DJ Allen and to all the parents for baking such delicious treats.

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Russian Revolution

The Russian Revolution 1917: Dream or Disaster?

November 1917: the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia; the Tsar is assassinated; a Marxist government under Lenin takes control; a bloody civil war breaks out. At first, little was made of these communist reactionaries by ordinary Russians. Yet, in hindsight,...

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The English Department took the A level English students (as well as some budding bards from Year 10) to the Barbican to watch The Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of ‘Coriolanus’. The play, forming part of the RSC Rome season, is a set text for Year 12 and 13 and is also covered in Year... 9. With its depiction of the abuse of power, the play has never been more relevant.

The production, directed by Angus Jackson, featured rising star Sope Dirisu as the eponymous hero. Dirisu gave a compelling performance, suggesting the vulnerability that lies beneath Coriolanus’ aggressive behaviour. A particularly bold move was casting the tribunes Sicinius and Brutus as female, giving the play a modern flavour. The other cast members combined to good effect, creating an ensemble that seamlessly merged from outraged Roman citizens to conspiring members of the Roman court.

Above all, the set design was particularly striking – a metal shutter divided the stage into two sections, suggested a divided city at the heart of the play. The final scene saw the stage bathed in a red glow, leading a poignant tone to an effective interpretation of a play of enduring relevance.

It was evident that the students appreciated seeing the play in performance – studying drama takes on a new dimension when seen rather than read, and this was no exception.

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