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Children’s Day celebration

Hampton Court House celebrated Children’s Day today, Friday 02 May 2014. Year 5 & 6 worked very hard making their own Koinobori sock kites, that were hung up outside the front of the school. The kites are water colour painted cotton fabric. Year 6 gave an assembly presentation on the festival and we then went outside and took photographs of the whole school under our kites.

Traditionally, Children’s Day is celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th month in Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Vietnam.

Children’s Day is a celebration of the happiness of each child and their individual personalities. It celebrates the relationships within families and the connections between father, mother, sons and daughters.

The symbol of the Kite is of a Carp fish. This is based on the Chinese legend that if a carp fish swims up stream it will turn into a dragon. This therefore illustrated the power, health and strength of each child and wishes them well on their life journey.

Traditionally these kites are hung outside each house hold with a black kite at the top representing the father, a red kite underneath representing the mother and blue kites for a boy or red/pink kites of a girl. Each member of the family are represented in order of birth, the black fish being the largest and the youngest member of the family being the smallest underneath.

As part of Golden Week we hope to keep the kites up all next week, to honor this exciting and meaningful world celebration. ?

Children’s Day 2014 video