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Remote teaching for Y1-13 - Early Years open as normal - See Coronavirus Situation.

Chick eggs in Early Years

Nursery and Reception are very excited to have the chance to take care of fourteen chick eggs supplied by our resident Year 7 entrepreneur, Sam. Sam is the founder of Sam’s Chicks and he is passionate that school children experience a chicken’s lifecycle first hand.

The children have been waiting patiently for the eggs to hatch, taking every opportunity to visit them, remembering to be quiet and to take turns to peek into the incubator where the eggs have been kept at a steady temperature of 37.8 degrees.

Reception students have been thinking carefully about what the chicks might be doing in their eggs and drawing pictures of their imaginings. As the chicks begin to hatch, the children will take on further responsibilities to help prepare food and water for them. Everyone in the Early Years is very much looking forward to being able to handle the fluffy chicks.