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Remote teaching for Y1-13 - Early Years open as normal - See Coronavirus Situation.

‘The Case’ – short film by Year 10 students

On Wednesday 21st May, Year 10 embarked on a fantastic day with an expert cinematographer tutor Miko Jaroszewicz best known for his cinematography on the Bafta-nominated and Oscar-winning animated production of ‘Peter and the Wolf‘.

The year 10’s got hands-on experience using the amazing RED SCARLET camera which was hired in especially from Cinebug. The students learnt how to record the sound, operate the jib and set the lights. The students also put their skills into making the set, organising the wardrobe, hair, make-up and acting in the exciting Film Noir short film ‘The Case.’

‘The Case’ is a 3 minute short film set in 1920’s New York. It is a ‘Bugsy Malone’ style mystery which revolves around the central question ‘what is in the case?’

There are four scenes to the film which were all filmed in the one day.

The year 10 photography students are currently studying the cinematic and story-telling style of this post war cinema genre. They have discovered that a Film Noir usually begins with the main character being killed, that the Femme Fatale character makes immoral choices and that the films are usually set at night time in big cities like New York. The world of Film Noir is often very pessimistic and the main charter is usually isolated from their society. The plots are often based in crime and there is usually a detective connected to the main story.

We hope you enjoy our short film that is our re-enactment of the key cinematic elements that often make up the incredibly influential movement of Film Noir.

A bit thank you to all who took part in making this film.