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Biggest Ballet Class Ever for World Ballet Day

To celebrate World Ballet Day (albeit a day late) Lauren and Adam took an assembly for the Middle and Upper Years entitled “Lose Yourself to Dance”.

Adam presented the history of ballet, from its origins in Renaissance Italy, with court dances at masquerade balls, right through to today when ballet is an ever-evolving art form. The journey stopped off to explore classical ballet in Russia, the Ballet Russes, the riots following Stravinksy’s Rite of Spring, and the male superstars like Nureyev who levelled the playing field in the 20th century.

Lauren then took the biggest ever ballet class HCH has ever seen: the whole of the Middle and Upper Years learned the five basic foot and arm positions, before practising plié, tendu and some sauté. Over a hundred students danced in the main hall. The practical class ended with a planking competition to see who had enough strength to cope with an entire classical ballet; in an average production, a male dancer lifts over a ton and a half of ballerinas!

The future of ballet of looks bright around the world – the assembly finished with watching footage of Sergei Polonin’s latest choreography – and even brighter at Hampton Court House.