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HCH made The Beatles4Ever Fab!

Good morrow,

Just the very briefest of notes to all those from Hampton Court House who helped Phill Marshall and the Beatles4Ever to make such a memorable evening at the Vera Fletcher Hall last Saturday. It was quite simply the toppermost of the poppermost.

The members of the band who have performed those songs on countless occasions said that it was the best evening that they could remember other than the time that they played to 10,000 screaming Beatles’ fans in Japan in 1893.

Interesting fact:
The Beatles4Ever have been Beatles longer than the Beatles.
Everyone behaved and sang beautifully and I felt very proud of all of you who made the evening so colourful with some of the hippest hippy outfits I have seen since…well, since I tried on my starburst purple with orange Paisley crushed velvet loons last weekend. (Under the cover of darkness, naturally.)
If you missed it and stayed at home to watch the omnibus version of Z Cars, there was:
Alisa and Ava and Beth and Christabel and Coco and Eliana and Emily and Gabriel and Hayden and Kit Gullis and Sara and Stephanie.

Interesting fact number three:
The evening was not just an excuse for everyone to exercise their vocal chords and to show off their parents’ somewhat questionable wardrobe but was also to help raise some money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.
Phill (John Lennon) has sent a telegram from Liverpool to say that he will be taking an enormous bag of threepenny bits, half crowns and ten bob notes to the tune of £451.57p round there this very week.

A very big thank you to everyone and if they are still making thank yous in extra extra large then a special one for Beth, Coco and Hayden for their sensational solo spots.

Peace and love,
Julian :)