Form Seven, Hampton Court House’s community learning programme, has been shortlisted for the prestigious TES Independent School Awards in the “community initiative of the year” category.

Each week, we open our classrooms to all – parents, grandparents, staff, Sixth Form students, and friends from our local area – offering lessons in a friendly, informal learning environment. Subjects have included French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Latin, drawing and painting, photography, presentation skills, sewing, ballet and mindfulness.

The Form Seven programme also includes public talks, concerts and workshops that enable adults and children of all ages to learn together and make new friends.

Spreading a love of learning

The weekly Form Seven evening courses are led by staff and parents from the Hampton Court House community. The tutors’ dedication and care for students can be seen in the wonderful testimonials received for Form Seven:

“If I had had a lesson like we had on Thursday when I was 9 (my first French lesson) I would be a professor of French at the Sorbonne by now! Joking apart, it was great!”
Sarah Dubrey, current parent

“Love the concept of Form Seven. Just the sort of initiative all schools should (in my humble opinion) be doing to engage their local community. Bravo!”
David, local friend and education consultant

“Ballet was lovely. I have the feeling I have grown a few inches taller since Thursday evening!”
Marie Chesnier, former parent

“I was in heaven at the Sketchbook Club. Brenda was lovely and very inspiring. I will definitely be coming each week.”
Bethany Randall, local friend and teacher at a prep school

Adam D’Souza, the Director of Form Seven, said: “The aim of Form Seven is making a direct impact on our local community by opening our doors at Hampton Court House to all. After all, why should school end at 18? No matter one’s age, there’s always something new to learn.”

Putting HCH on the map

The Headmaster added: “We seek to create a lifelong love of learning. Form Seven enables us to make that aim a reality, and has put Hampton Court House at the heart of local life as a place of cultural and intellectual growth.”

The final winners of the TES Independent Schools Awards will be announced in an award ceremony in February 2018.

Picture credits: Anna McGrane