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A Summer of Shakespeare

As the Duchess of Malfi garners rave reviews at the Old Vic and Julius Caesar awes audiences in Stratford. A Jacobean Revival sweeps out of theatre land and through Hampton Court House this summer with no fewer then five mini-productions of plays either by The Bard or based on his work hitting the stage in the next four weeks. Year 6, who previewed ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ as part of The Spring Show are now nearing completion of a punk, disco setting that looks set to challenge audiences used to sanitized summer Shakespeare. Gone are the glitter, the laurels and poesies and in come guns, danger and very modern music. This lively, vibrant living production to be performed in the round seems set to recapture the almost combative atmosphere the play must have enjoyed when played to a packed Globe theatre in a sweltering sixteenth Century Summer.

Another treat for audiences will be provided by three short comedic outings currently being rehearsed by Year 7. These three orignal plays written and directed by the students aim to follow the conventions current during the Bard’s lifetime – when comedy was a little more then one liners. Details of each production are listed below.

Enemies of Love
Sometimes when three people play only two can win…
Holiday of a lifetime…

I Do or I Don’t
A journey for love

Finally Year 10 have started rehearse ‘Macbeth’ but I’ll refrain from saying too much about that at this point – in point of fact it will be startling if nothing else.