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A Christmas Thanks!

Dear Children Staff and Friends at HCH,

On behalf of the babies and under 5’s who we continue to support at Ruhunu State Children’s Receiving Home in Galle, Sri Lanka, I would like to thank you so much for your wonderful generosity in 2011 and also your kind donations of Christmas presents. Extra special thanks to whoever so painstakingly wrapped a whole box of gifts!

Please be assured these presents provide an abandoned child or orphan with no possessions at all, one very special gift from you to them. The sheer pleasure of unwrapping their present brings unimaginable excitement, joy and laughter in an otherwise sad and lonely existence.

These children are imprisoned and serving a life sentence but the only crime they have committed is being born into real and desperate poverty.

This year we are highlighting the plight of children locked away in institutions in Sri Lanka who once seen can never be forgotten.

If only we could have wrapped up some big hugs and sent them as well!

Warmest wishes and heartfelt thanks

Lynn Stanier