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HCH Maths Day

How long is the theatre? How many grams of sugar are in a can of coke? How much change do I get for £1 if I need to pay 70p? How much of a ruler can be pushed over the table edge until it tilts and how does that change when I put one, two, three rubbers on it? How many moves does it take to all swap... places? What does the number 13 look like? How many butterflies can you find in the picture? What is flag semaphore? Will it just be a line graph?

If questions like these can be heard in the theatre throughout the day it can only mean one thing: it’s HCH Maths Day! Once again different activities encouraged all students from Nursery to Year 11 to use their mathematical skills and analytical thinking.

A big thank you to the Sixth Formers who came in especially early to help out and to the Friends of HCH for lending us the penguin tumble game, which made the Fun Fair even more exciting.

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Article written by Dimitra and Edward (Year 9).

On Monday the RAF, Royal Air Force, visited our school to teach us all about the different roles in the RAF, how it works, how they do what they do, and much more.

What was better was that they showed what they did but at a level that we all could understand.... They showed us about training of the pilots using virtual reality as well as using drones to show us how they would use this in real life. They showed us many practicals including drone signal interception, the physics of flight and many videos of their aircraft, which showed us how technologically advanced the RAF is getting.

They introduced us to their new aircraft, the Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II, capable of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) and their history of their VTOL aircraft.

They showed us that the RAF isn’t just about flying but about jobs like engineering and mechanics. They more or less asked us to join because of their shortage of female engineers as well as engineers in general. They were very inspiring to give us the opportunity to give us a possible role in the armed forces.

Although they didn’t mention it, we noticed a board of the apprenticeships that can be taken in the RAF.

We probably didn’t sound as enthusiastic as we probably should have first thing in the morning, as a whole we enjoyed a lot!

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NPL visits A level Physics Students

On Wednesday, three physicists from the National Physical Laboratory came to speak to our A level physics students about their experiences on the NPL apprenticeship programme.

It was a fascinating insight into what it is like to leave school and to go straight into work in a research lab alongside expert... scientists. The apprentices told us about their particular interests in robotics, magnetism and materials science and all three spoke enthusiastically about their research and training at the lab.

The HCH students showed a real interest in what the apprentices had to say and asked a lot of questions both about the physics and the study schemes available. We hope to maintain links with the laboratory and to arrange a visit in the near future as well as a long term collaboration to develop a programme at the school to encourage more girls to consider taking the subject to A level.

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Estudiantes de A level español eligen las películas Machuca y Volver

Los estudiantes de A Level en español eligen Machuca y Volver para su estudio cinematográfico.

Chloe, Brynley y Calvin disfrutarán en Machuca de una historia de amistad entre dos estudiantes con el trasfondo social de pertenecer a clases sociales distintas. Los estudiantes analizarán las políticas... del gobierno socialista de Salvador Allende y las circunstancias que llevaron al golpe de estado del Augusto Pinochet en el Chile de 1973.

Dhelia, por su parte, disfrutará en Volver de uno de los trabajos más exitosos de Pedro Almodóvar. Volver es una historia costumbrista que mezcla las tradiciones de la España más profunda con la supervivencia, el humor y la locura. Un magnífico retrato de la Castilla más tradicional.

Year 12 Spanish students choose the films Machuca and Volver for their Spanish language film studies.

Chloe, Brynley and Calvin are looking forward to watching the film Machuca which is a story of friendship between two school boys from different social backgrounds. Year 12 will analyse the policies of the socialist government of Salvador Allende and the circumstances that resulted in a coup d’état in Chile led by Augusto Pinochet in 1973.

Dhelia will enjoy watching Volver, one of Pedro Almodóvar’s most successful films. Volver is a story of local customs which mixes the most deeply rooted Spanish traditions with survival, humour and madness. The work is a magnificent portrait of the Castile region of Spain at its most traditional.

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Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children

Teachers and students from Daycare to Sixth Form were invited to wear a Christmas Jumper to school on Wednesday in recognition of Save the Children’s national Christmas Jumper Day which takes place on Friday. Anyone wearing festive clothes was asked to make a small donation.

Year 9 hosted a few fundraising... events. They sold hot chocolate and biscuits during morning break in the Conservatory. Then, during lunch, they organised two games: guess the baby picture of the teachers and decorate a teacher like a Christmas tree. The children were asked to donate a small amount in order to participate in the games.

A grand total of £268 was raised for Save the Children.

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Years 4, 12 and 13 Visit to Hampton Care Home

On Monday 12 December twelve members of the Sixth Form and all of Year 4 spent the morning at Hampton Care. It was a truly inspiring morning for residents and students alike.

Year 4 had prepared six songs and absolutely delighted the residents with their singing.

We then heard well prepared solos from... three Year 4 musicians. Several residents remarked that they were very accomplished for such young children. Anna played the cello, Cyrus played the violin and Ben Cardiff played the guitar.

This was followed by a beautiful solo from Year 12 flautist, Cassie (with Brynley assisting as music stand!).

After the concert, the students were invited to give out cakes and tea and many of them took the opportunity to sit and chat with the residents. It was a truly HCH affair and revealing of the compassion and openness that is so common amongst our students. It was lovely to see so many of them making an effort to find out about the residents’ lives and conversation topics as wide ranging as spitfires, football and ‘the best way to cook a turkey’ kept everyone occupied until lunchtime. We were immensely proud of all of the students and a special mention must go to Georgia (Year 12) and Ben Cardiff (Year 4) for engaging so patiently and thoughtfully with the residents – it was both noticed and appreciated. Ben Tughendat (Year 4) also entertained (and confused!) a number of people with his riddles.

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Maths Advent Calendar

Advent calendars come in all shapes and sizes and this year the Maths department is also counting the days to Christmas (or in our case, the Christmas holidays).

For Reception and the Lower years, we will have a daily selection of Sudoku puzzles: a beginner one with numbers 1-4; an intermediate one with... numbers 1-6 and an advanced one with numbers 1-9. The children can get the new puzzles from their form teacher each morning.

For Year 5 upwards there will be a daily puzzle, which can be found outside TF2 on the Advent Calendar Board. The students should put their solutions in the shiny red box in reception by 9 am the following day.

Happy puzzling!

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