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‘Betrayal’ Panel Discussion

English literature A level students were treated to a rare and insightful panel discussion on Tuesday afternoon by two leading actors from the cast of Pinter’s ‘Betrayal’, performed at the Hampton Hill theatre last September 2016. Guy Holloway (Robert) invited fellow actor Steve Webb (Jerry) to...

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Lecture on North Korean Regime

On Monday evening our Year 12 and 13 history and geography students headed to North London to join the audience at a fascinating panel led discussion on the North Korean regime. The event concluded with a question and answer session, and it was great to see our students involve themselves so enthusiastically.

Staff vs. Students Cricket Matches

On Thursday 6th July, Hampton Court House witnessed a sporting event of such epic proportions that Wimbledon paled in comparison. The ever-enthralling Staff versus Students Cricket Match took on an added layer of grit as the fixture became the inaugural Staff vs. Sixth Form Match.

After choosing to... bowl first, student skipper Haydn Roberts sent down the first over to Graham Ainge and a regular pattern of fours and sixes was established. Graham raced past his half century before showing the kind of charity Haydn is known for and retiring. This brought Caroline Wass to the crease, who displayed remarkable cultural sensitivity in learning the most British of sports. After a roller coaster 15 overs, the staff amassed 196, with Selwyn Leamy ensuring that his last innings as a member of staff was as powerful as his art lessons.

Then it was the Sixth Form’s turn to bat. The first over, delivered by Tom Robson, gave a good indication of the trouble to come. Bob delivered the second over, and it was soon apparent that Hope is a dangerous thing. Three wickets in an over showed how deadly his variations are and the Sixth Form run chase was derailed. Some lusty blows from the lower order breathed some life into the chase and they finished on 100.

It was a fantastic occasion – a wonderful atmosphere and played in good spirits.

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As the country goes to the polls…

HCH students have their chance to vote in a mock general election. The ballot box will be in the main hall with counting due to start at the end of the school day! Results will be declared by tomorrow.

Edmond Gordon Talk

We were very fortunate to welcome Edmund Gordon to Hampton Court House on Monday 22 May 2017. Edmund is a world-renowned author, university lecturer (King’s college) and expert on the writer. He had just returned from a US tour with his new biography ‘The Invention of Angela Carter’. The timing... of this event was serendipitous; a month exactly until the Year 13 English exam on gothic literature. Edmund spent five years researching Angela Carter and admitted that, by the end of this epic project, he felt he knew Carter better than himself! The seminar focused particularly on the exam text ‘The Bloody Chamber’ and a rich contextualisation of Carter’s spectrum of influences from folklore and surrealism to Japanese culture. He emphasised to students the danger of reading Carter along strictly ‘feminist’ or ‘gothic’ lines, highlighting her playfulness and willingness to shock in re-imagining the latent content within fairytales. Unlike many feminists, she considered men and women as fundamentally alike and strove to represent the female voice in its myriad forms. Carter was fascinated by extrapolating symbols of sexuality and death from ancient fairy tales to subvert the status quo. He urged that Carter’s literature should be appreciated as ‘political’ too; though she would have disliked being limited to any narrow genre. Gordon conversed with our students who clearly demonstrated their knowledge and appreciation of Carter’s repertoire. His depth of insight into Carter’s work, personality and penetrating intellect made for a truly enriching talk which enabled our students to gain an illuminating and intimate understanding of this extraordinary writer.

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House Debating Competition

Hampton Court House was animated by lively discussion, with the first Inter-House Debating Competition taking place last week. Over forty pupils from the Middle Years, Upper Years and Sixth Form participated in debates about pressing political and cultural questions. It was wonderful to see so many enthusiasts...

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Shakespeare Workshops at HCH

The English Department welcomed The Guildford Shakespeare Company back to HCH this week. Previous generations of students have found their ‘on your feet’ approach to revision extremely helpful, enlivening the text just in time for exams. The Sixth Form workshop was on ‘Coriolanus’, with Year... 11 working on ‘Henry V’. The students did themselves proud with the workshop leaders commenting on their in depth knowledge of the texts and fine debating skills.

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