GCSE and AS Results 2016

I’m sure you will have seen the news that GCSE passes and the higher grades are down across the country. I am very glad to say that the proportion of top grades at HCH has risen significantly.

In our Year 11, 20.5% of GCSE results were A*, smashing last year’s record and a long way above the national average of 6.4% and 42% were A* or A grades compared to 21.7% nationally.

Repeating last year’s feat, 100% of the grades in English Language were A*-B. 56% achieved the A* and A grades. Once again the scale of this achievement can only really be seen when compared to the national average of 13.7%. Furthermore, 50% of students achieved the A* and A grades in English Literature.

Languages led the haul of A* grades; 54% of the grades in French and 50% of the Spanish grades were A*. Maths and Science are also celebrating some very high results for Year 11 with 38% A* in Biology, 38% A* in Physics, 25% A* in Chemistry, 22% in Computing, and 22% in Mathematics. In addition half of Year 10 took GCSE Mathematics a year early and 50% of them got an A*.

Moving on to higher level qualifications. At AS level, over a quarter of the grades were A. 80% of the Ad Maths candidates achieved A grades. Please note that A* grades are not available at either AS level or in Ad Maths.

Although our first set of full A level results are not due until next year, five have been taken early resulting in an A*, two As, and two Bs.

Particular mentions should go to:

  • Torin, Y12, A* in A level Maths, A in A level French and A, B in his AS levels;
  • George, Y11, for achieving eleven A* grades and an A in Ad Maths;
  • Oscar, Y11, for achieving eight A* grades, two A grades and an A in Ad Maths;
  • Elyce, Y11, for achieving the following grades: A*, A*, A*, A*, A, A, A, A, A, A;
  • Mahdi, Y11, for A in A level French, A in Ad Maths and six A*-A grades at GCSE;
  • Gerard, Anaïs, and Inigo, Y10, for each achieving A in AS level French and A*/A in GCSE Maths.

I’m sure you will all join me in congratulating all the students who took exams this year. They have worked hard and have some results of which they can be proud.