HCH Sailing Club Takes to the Water

HCH has launched* a new sport: our Middle Years sports provision now includes the option of sailing, with the first Team Practice of the new HCH Sailing Club taking place at Queen Mary Reservoir on Thursday 11 May.

The pupils enjoyed a coaching session from Queen Mary’s expert instructors, which included the basics of controlling the boat, trimming the sails to adapt to different wind directions and how to tack smoothly and safely. The children put this knowledge to good use on the water in double-handed Laser Pico dinghies, sailing in challenging, variable conditions. Afterwards, everyone proved their mettle by taking a refreshing swim.

There are two more Team Practice sessions this term. The children are appealing to Aeolus, god of the winds, for favourable conditions.

Founder members of the HCH Sailing Club:
Adam (coach), Alexis, Benny, Emily, Freddie, Katie, Max, Polina, Poppy, Ruby, Scarlett, Solo

*Apologies for this atrocious pun.