The art department promotes confidence in creating art. We aim to provide a curriculum which demystifies the key principles of art so that our students can achieve beyond their expectations. We also aspire to create a deeper understanding of the purpose of art through studying art within a historical and cultural context.

At Hampton Court House, we engage in drawing, painting, graphic design, textiles, sculpture, photography, animation and filmmaking. The art department strives to nurture creativity and to develop the artistic strengths of every child.

Our Early Years (Nursery/Reception) art programme develops every child’s curiosity and sense of freedom to play confidently in the creative process. We guide them to explore materials, colour, texture, shape and form as a way to develop their image-making, story-telling, recording and investigative skills.

In the Lower Years (Years 1 to 4) we provide opportunities for children to understand themselves better through art and to have a deeper understanding of their world. All children at this stage have one history of art lesson as well as two practical art lessons per week. Students develop a firm sense of ‘the story of art’, from the Renaissance through to present day. By the end of Year 4, children have a strong vocabulary and palette of emerging technical art skills in a wide range of media, so that they have the confidence to create, learn and enjoy.

Middle Years art (Years 5 to 8) is where the key principles come into play and our students explore beginner and intermediate techniques on perspective, portraiture, landscape, culture, painting, drawing, sculpture and graphic design. Our aim in the Middle Years is to nurture individual artistic passions as well as cover a wide base of topics and focuses.

Upper Years art (Years 9 to 11) boasts a terrific 64% A/A* rate at GCSE. Many of our students go on to study art at A-Level and a number of our students have gained art scholarships, work experience placements and places on different art courses/camps in this country and abroad. We are also very proud of our students who have been shortlisted in art, photographic and short film competitions and those who hold their own blogs and websites too.

Media EnhancementThe art department at Hampton Court House is a vibrant place that offers a rich extra curricular program of clubs and activities, including our highly successful ‘Media Enhancement Program’ that offers each year group to come off timetable for one day a year and work on their own group short film/ documentary/ music video/ animation/ type project.

There are exhibitions each term of students’ work. Students also have the opportunity to get involved through the art department with other events around school life such as set design for school drama productions, marketing material for the school, Young Enterprise teams, banners for sports day, decorations for Early and Lower School end-of-term parties and lots more!

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